Grass Driveway Grids For Heavy Duty Construction & Turning Areas

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Grass Driveway Grids For Heavy Duty Construction & Turning Areas

The Grass Driveway 80HD grid model is very popular in the construction industry, with commercial use being its primary application, such as access and turning areas for lorries and large agricultural machinery.
The grid blocks them selves are 50x50x8cm, used for surface reinforcement on heavy duty applications, mainly commercial and industrial.
They are an extremely tough and robust grid that can rival concrete roadways, and will comfortably withstand vehicles up-to around 44 (tested) tonnes. Which includes articulated lorries, agricultural machinery and indeed plant machinery, diggers and such like.
The permeable open cell structure design makes it not only eco friendly but also aesthetically pleasing too with the fact you can infill with a grassed finish and decorative gravels too.
Being one of our many types of permeable paving, it of course complies with the S.U.D.S. regulations, (sustainable urban drainage solutions).
Further down this page is the product specifications that may be of help to you.
Our grids are tested to withstand vehicles & buildings & have a ‘minimum’ 800 tonne / SQM load test rating.
High strength injection moulded plastic – 800+ tonne compression tested.
Recycled plastic with incredible strength and flexibility.
Heat and freeze tested – UV stable.
Easy push-snap together grids keep in a firm position.

Additional applications & suggested uses
An eco friendly sustainable grass & gravel road paving & surface support solution.

Ground stability grids installed at ground level, to produce access tracks and trackways on ground where it may not lend well to vehicles passing through and turning. Stopping the ground from being churned up.

Access roads for plant machinery, lorries & emergency service lanes too (fire & ambulance access routes)
Helicopter landing pads
Driveway grids & gravel parking
Grass or gravel car parks or temporary & permanent over-spill parking solutions
Driveways and grass lawn / gravel parking reinforcement
Anti storm – flood surface drainage solutions
Water run off safety solutions & French drains
Railway embankments
Slope and embankment reinforcement
Melioration ditches
Buggy paths
Golf courses paths & grass stabilisation
Event / marquee flooring solutions
Grassed garden banks
Trellis supports & much more..

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