Shed Bases

Shed Bases is a useful technique to boost your garden shed off the ground a few inches. These protect your ground from wet soil and also maintain a level surface. Bases support the weight of your shed and also allow air to circulate beneath it. The use of these sheds protects your garden storage or workplace for many years. There are different types of shed basis, such as plastic. These are widely used for sheds as summerhouses, log cabins and greenhouses. These are also used as grid matting to cover grass areas and driveways. A Garden Shed Base Full Kit Plus Heavy Duty Membrane Or Greenhouse Base Grid C offers load distributing support to the heavy buildings that stand on it, with advantages such as ease of installation and levelling. Our plastic shed bases can also be used as ground grid matting to cover grass areas, driveways, and walkways in a grass grid effect, allowing cars and foot traffic to pass through without causing damage to the grass and keeping gravel nice and tidy. Shed bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some shed bases are more durable than others, but ultimately, the shed base you pick will depend on how you want to use your shed, what you plan to keep in it, and how much time and resources you have available. Larger sheds, such as outdoor workshops or home offices, may require a concrete foundation, but if your shed will only be used to store garden tools and paint cans, there are alternative quick and easy choices available, such as a plastic shed base, that are less labor demanding and faster to build.

Compared to traditional slabs and concrete, you’ll save a lot of time and money. The load bearing capability is in the 100s of tones. Plastic shed bases that really are environmentally friendly. High-strength plastic passed a high-compression test. Plastic and rubber are combined and injection molded for remarkable strength and flexibility. Heat and freeze tests were performed. The raised foundation of the shed creates damp-prevention air pockets beneath the garden shed and any other structures. These are used as home driveways and patios as they are extremely stable for gravel or grass. These sheds are used as pathways for bark or chippings etc. These Shed Bases are also used as emergency services. These are used to protect grass or gravel. Shed Base Grids 4cm Thick For Driveways Cabins And Lawn Sheds are used in car parks or temporary over-spills. Widely used in access roads to service facilities used in driveways and residential lawns to protect them from wet soil and provide a great look. These bases are widely used in homes or outside homes, as well as in railway embankments. These are used to build horse sheds to provide complete protection for horses and pet animals also. Used on muddy paths. Our Shed Bases  are used to decorate and provide an amazing look to the school play area and access routes. Garden patios and pathways are also made from it. These are most commonly used in grass garden banks. Lawn safeguarding. The French drain effect Trellis and planting frames


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