Our grass grids are designed differently from other competitors’. This can be compressed into the existing ground and provide surface reinforcement, due to its open cell structure and unique design. The grids are pushed into the soil to the ground level and ensure that all traffic is carried on a mix of grids and underlay ground to prevent churning. These grass grids are flexible as connecting methods and allow the grid to ride any ground undulation. We provide a variety of grass grids constructed from high-strength foam plastic and 100% recyclable materials. In both home and industrial contexts, these materials are perfect for soil ground reinforcement. These can also be used to support cars parked on the ground. Grass grids, unlike surface slabs of concrete, allow water to seep into the ground, minimizing the risk of flooding and groundwater overflow. These are made of plastic, which allows them to keep flexibility even in cold temperatures, and they will not shatter after UV exposure. The grids can deal with varying temperatures thanks to expansion joints, which prevent them from shifting against one other. Our Grass Parking Grids 500mm For Wet Soil And Grass Surface have an open cell structure that prevents them from moving into the ground. Even under the weight of cars and on inclined slopes, they are easily moveable. Our grass grids and gravel sheets provide a water-permeable surface by allowing water to seep quickly into the earth. These prevent both groundwater storage and flooding without the need for an expensive drainage system. These reduce the ecological footprint and prevent natural areas from being damaged.

These Grass grids contain expansion joints to deal with temperature changes, and prevent the grass from shifting against one other.  These Grass Parking Grids 500mm For Cars, Vans And Lorries are suitable for automobiles and make an excellent parking or driveway surface. Unlike other sheets, these can be used for both gravel and grass grids. Grass grids are specially designed and the technical parameters of grass grids are designed for grass filling, and the technical specifications of gravel sheets are designed for gravel filling. Plastic Grass Grids are an excellent ground protection and support method for driveways, building foundations, shed foundations, event routes, and ground surface stability. This 100% recycled plastic grid guarantees that you are always selecting the environmentally friendly alternative for your project when you require durable and resistant surfaces. One of the main advantages of these grids is that they are simple to install and do not require any special abilities. These do not require planning permission; a plastic grid can be installed as soon as you get it. Some of the applications and uses of these grids are given as Emergency service lanes and access roads (fire & ambulance access routes).Gravel parking and driveway grids, Grass or gravel parking lots, as well as temporary and permanent overflow parking alternatives, Retaining driveways and residential lawns with gravel parking, Surface drainage systems for anti-storm flood situations, French drains and water runoff safety solutions, Embankments of railways, Reinforcement of slopes and bunds , Melioration channels are indeed a type of drain which is used to improve the look, Using a horse stud and a paddock, Paths with a lot of bugs, Paths on golf courses and grass stabilization, Access routes and the school’s play are, Flooring for events and marquees, Garden banks with grass, Protection for your lawn and  Pergola supports, trellis supports, trellis supports, trellis supports, 


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