Large Weed Control Fabric Membrane For Heavy Duty Patios & Pathways

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Large Weed Control Fabric Membrane For Heavy Duty Patios & Pathways

Prevent Weeds with  weed control fabric from Garden Mile.This is regular spunbond weed control fabric, sometimes known as terram, mypex, geotextiles, groundcover, weed barrier, weed membrane, weed control fleece and weed control fabric.

The weed control is 17grm per sq.m. and can easily planted through the technology allows it to be cut without fraying. Don’t forget you can purchase the pegs for holding the weed control fabric tight to the ground on our website.Weed Control fabric only lets water and nutrients through to your plants, whilst suppressing the growth of nasty unwanted weeds. Using weed membrane also helps to keep the ground moist and protects from extreme temperatures, whilst reducing the need for watering of plants.

Professional quality weed control fabric / membrane.
Lets water and nutrients through to the ground.
Reduces light so weeds cannot grow
Does not fray
Easy to cut and wrap around existing plants
Simple to plant through – just cut a cross with a knife or scissors
UV protected, so will last for years
Cover with bark, mulch, pebbles, slate, gravel etc
Our excellent weed control fabric is lightweight and durable. It designed to inhibit the growth of annoying weeds.

It works by letting water and nutrients through to your plants and suppressing the growth of weeds –  keeping the ground moist and protecting against extreme temperatures.

Experts from around the globe have designed this material to be used in light weight applications such as borders and flower beds – under bark or light weight gravel.

And the Heavy duty Weed Control Fabric will not only stop weeds from making an appearance in your outdoor paradise, but it will ensure stable growth of your favourite flowers. It designed to be porous, breathable and hard-wearing.
Letting nutrients through whilst inhibiting the growth of weeds, it keeps the ground moist and protects your plants from extreme weather conditions.

This weed fabric or  weed control membrane at it is sometimes called is perfect for challenging projects – such as under decking, patios or pathways.

Its also highly effective under bark and decorative gravel.
Specially designed for heavy duty applications, such as under patios and driveways, this material provides unbeatable drainage.

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